Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Fresh Start

This month's Recipe Redux is dedicated to the ever important, ever scrumptious breakfast. In my mind there are two types of breakfasts: the week day morning "oh-man-I-probably-shouldn't-have-pressed-snooze- that-last-time" breakfast and the weekend morning "roll-out-of-bed-nothing-but-time-on-my-side-let's-do-something-special" breakfast.  

I have a few go-to quick and nutritious weekday breakfasts but this is Recipe Redux, it's time to do something special - weekend breakfast it is. 

My wonderful coworker hooked me up with eggs from a small local farm. Look how beautiful they are: 

With these lovely eggs I decided to make an omelette. 

Omelettes are great, not only because of their versatility and taste, but because it's an awesome way to add a serving or two of vegetables to your day. 

I sautéed mushrooms, onions, zucchini, and kale. Piled them high on top of my eggs, held my breath and made the flip. Success. 

I must admit that I enjoy ketchup with eggs. Instead of smearing cheap ketchup all over this beautiful omelette I opted to make bruschetta. For this I combined one clove of garlic, a chopped tomato, a pinch or two of basil and some olive oil.  Simply delightful. 

Recipe: Omelette

3 medium eggs
Red Chili Flakes 
Red Onion 

1. Cut and sauté veggies. I like to cook the mushrooms and onions first. Once they are nicely browned I add the rest of the veggies. 
2. Scramble eggs with milk, pepper, and red chili flakes. Pour on a separate, oiled, heated, medium frying pan. Cook on low-medium until egg solidifies. 
3. Add sautéed veggies to one side of the egg and carefully and quickly flip the remaining half of the egg over the veggies. This can take practice and patience, but you can do it! Good luck.
4. Let the omelette cook like this for a few minutes, serve and enjoy. 

Tip: If you flip your omelette and your egg or filling needs to be cooked some more pop your frying pan into the over at 300F and bake for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Recipe: Bruschetta

Olive Oil 

1. Chop tomato, add one glove of garlic, about 1 Tbsp of olive oil and about 1 Tbsp of basil. Mix. 
2. Top omelette with bruschetta. 

Before leaving, take some time to look through the breakfast recipes below created by other recipe reduxers.

Wishing you a fresh start to your day,    

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  1. Love your pictures. This look like a fantastic breakfast. I the combination of ingredients you used. Yum! Thank for sharing! :)

  2. Pictures look so good. Wish I could jump in the screen and eat this NOW!

  3. Great post - the lighting is very nice in your pictures.

  4. Those eggs are gorgeous and I think omelets are one of the best ways for people to get loads of veggies in at breakfast.

  5. Love the combination of veggies you chose...I've never tried zucchini in an omlette but I will now!

  6. This is my kind of omelette! I love ketchup with eggs too, but the bruschetta would be fantastic. Congrats on a successful flip! I'm usually to chicken to flip my omelettes, and instead do the "swirl and spread" technique until the top looks done, then add toppings and fold. You've encouraged me to practice my flipping technique :-)

  7. Those brown eggs look so fresh and your omelet looks yummy. I'm trying to eat more kale so love the idea of adding it to an omelet. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the inspiration.