Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brilliant Ideas

Last night I was chatting with friends about the phone book and how ridiculous it will be in another twenty ten years when we tell kids that we used to have a book with EVERYONE'S phone number in it. I can hear myself now, "when I was a young girl, they used to print a very thick book, every year, that had everyone's phone  number and address in it. The book was delivered to your house, free of charge. Some houses would even get two". The problem is, this doesn't really teach anyone a lesson, ya know what I mean? At least when my parents tell me "when I was a kid we had to walk to school in snowstorms with plastic bags over our shoes....up hill both ways" I know they are actually telling me to stop complaining because I don't know how easy I have it. But to be honest, I really don't think there is a lesson to be learned about having to use a phone book instead of the internet...well maybe patience. Yes, let's go with patience. 

Anyway, that story has little to do with the point of this post. The point is that I love the internet. Some people have such great ideas and I am so happy that people post their brilliance on the internet so that I can reap the benefits of their creative minds. 

Here are some awesome things that I found on the internet this week: 

When it comes to fresh herbs, I'm down. These are so beautifully grown and stored.
Well done, Country Living, well done.

Pineapple flowers. Pure genius. Click here and here

I need a tree in my kitchen asap. Click here if you agree. 

True commitment to a tropical themed party. Click here 

Clearly I am obsessed with home-made pizza. Check out the recipe for Garden Hummus Pizza, yum!

Wishing you tasty meals, happy days, and fantastic internet finds, 

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  1. Oh my god that pizza looks A-mazing!!
    Also I want that kitchen, tree and all.