Monday, August 22, 2011

Beet soup et al.

I was so delighted with my delicious purchases this morning that I decided to take a photo to share!  August is my favourite time of year for fresh vegetables and fruit - there is so much to choose from! When possible I buy local (or at least Canadian) grub. 

I must admit, sometimes my excitement of fresh, colourful food gets the best of me and I end up buying too much to feed just one person...looks like i'll be practicing my sharing skills this week! beet soup anyone? turkey burgers? zucchini fries? peach cobbler?  What to do with all this food! 

With that in mind, I got cooking! 

I used fresh beets, carrots, potato, lemon, onion, greek yogurt and garlic to make this oh so girly soup! Eating a bowl of hot pink soup is sure to make you feel good. 

(the background dish is zucchini fries and tzatziki)

Inspired by a coworker and a recipe I saw in a healthy cooking magazine I decided to try my game at homemade turkey burgers. Now, these just aren't any turkey burgers - these babies feature the delightful flavours of grated apple, onion and curry powder. Topped with homemade tzatziki and a sweet nectarine slice - delicious! 

I love a good day of cooking! Plus a fridge full of homemade food is a great way to start off the work week!

Wishing you a delicious week,

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