Monday, October 24, 2011

Messy Spice

Totally inspired by a post on A Cozy Kitchen I decided to face the disaster that I like to call My Spice Box. Herbs and spices are expensive and important; they deserve more respect than what I currently give them.

You want to see it don't you? Alright, here it is: the before picture.

I'm embarrassed. Stop looking now. 

I stumbled across small mason jars at Home Hardware this past weekend (I honestly have no idea why I ventured into Home was probably the universe trying to send me a sign that it was time). Along with 12 small mason jars, I picked up a small can of Chalkboard Paint and a paint brush. The whole purchase came to under $20. The amount of chalkboard paint needed is pretty darn small - share with a friend to save money! 

Covers to mason jar  

Paint covers with chalkboard paint 

So much better.  Look! There's the Coriander! I see it! 

Wishing you a clutter-free kitchen, 


  1. Great idea! It's always a battle with the spices for me, and then I end up with 4 of the same spice because they get lost in the mess. Nice to get some fresh ideas on organizing and storing them.