Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Champagne and china

I think it's silly to save the china, the good cutlery, the special table cloth for special occasions. Uh hello? Isn't today special? I bet it is.  

Reasons why today is special for me : 
I’m not feeling sick anymore
It’s the first snow fall of the year
There’s a new grocery store opening around the corner 
It’s pay day
I go home for a visit in just 21 sleeps

In my opinion, these are all reasons to celebrate, all reasons to break out the good cutlery. 
Yesterday I fought the urge to spend the night on the couch and went to a dance class. 
The day before I organized the messy corner in our apartment. 
The day before that was Sunday; I love Sundays. 
All perfectly good reasons to break out the china. 

Growing up, my best friend Anna and I were the fanciest kids in town – everything deserved a wine glass, a toast, a dress, a boa. Whether it was pizza night, brunch, or a quick lunch we always drank our orange juice out of wine glasses and dined by candle light.  To this day Anna remains one of the most 'every day we deserve something special' people I know. In fact, she inspired this post when she shared this quote on Facebook.  Thanks, Anna! 

Wishing you takeout on china and champagne with pizza, 


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